Total Knee Replacement - The first month

Dr. Adam Rosen reviews an exercise to build strength and help you get in and out of chairs

Dr. Rosen demonstrates closing a total knee using J&J Ethicon Prineo Dermabond closure system

Dr. Rosen takes you through the steps of a total knee replacement to explain what actually occurs during the surgery

The kneecap in total knees

Dr. Adam Rosen looks at how much a total knee replacement weighs

Dr. Adam Rosen discusses some the reasons the arthritic knee may give way

Dr. Adam Rosen reviews a home exercise to strengthen your knee

Dr. Adam Rosen discusses some of the common OTC medications


Dr. Adam Rosen Presents Treatment Options for Chronic Knee Pain


Dr. Rosen discusses options for joint replacements

Source: KUSI News


What is a Knee Replacement?


Knee Replacement risks


Home Exercises after Knee Replacement


What is a Hip Replacement?

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